To develop innovative products and processes for the traditional Portuguese confectionery, ensuring its production is more efficient while maintaining its rigour,
quality and identity.
To commit to Research and Development as the main differential, and offer in our portfolio products of the highest nutritional value, contributing to a healthier diet.



To be able to distribute to any point of the globe traditional Portuguese confectionery products, while ensuring the highest level of quality and shelf life.




Formula d’Avó has its roots in the culture and tradition of the Mediterranean Portuguese diet. Our strategy is based in continuously developing new quality products, using new concepts but maintaining the traditional identity. Our objective is to have our products, which have a high nutritional value, able to be included in a healthy diet.

Through our Egglicious label we are part of Horeca, with multi-faceted products that can easily be included in every dimension of the modern cuisine. We aim to guarantee that the market benefits from all advantages of using our label, ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied.

Our intention is to become a trusted label in the entire Portuguese-speaking market and turn Formula d’Avó in a product capable of reaching all corners of the globe, by continuous and sustainable growth, and establishing a network of strategic and highly-valued partnerships.

Innovation is an integral part of the strategy and the company’s DNA. We are continuously developing new products, allowing us to always present new solutions and raise the bar. Research and development is also an integral part of our process, as we aim to continuously improve our business value. Within this strategic framework, we have created close relationships with Universities and institutions of scientific research, resulting in knowledge sharing and boosting the company’s business value.




Egglicious is an egg-based product that can be presented in a number of different ways, and complemented with a vast range
of delicious syrups.



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